How much do you know about the American Jury? Part II
  1. In what year and jurisdiction did the first woman serve on a jury? 
    a. 1870 in Wyoming
    b. 1898 in Utah
    c. 1908 in New York
    d. 1922 in Ohio

  2. In how many states is the voter registration list the only permitted source of juror names?
    a. 4
    b. 12
    c. 28
    d. 36

  3. What is the average rate of juror compensation in state courts?
    a. $12 per day
    b. $22 per day
    c. $32 per day
    d. $45 per day

  4. Which was the last state to eliminate the qualification that all jurors be male?
    a. Texas, in 1945
    b. Georgia, in 1957
    c. Alabama, in 1966
    d. Kentucky, in 1972

  5. When did the US Supreme Court rule that the exemption for women from jury service was unconstitutional?
    a. 1948
    b. 1957
    c. 1963
    d. 1975

  6. Which was the last state to eliminate the key-man selection system?
    a. Georgia, in 1975
    b. West Virginia, in 1986
    c. Maryland, in 1958
    d. Wisconsin, in 1964

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