Jury News & Jur-E Bulletin

Jury News logoJury News was a quarterly column published in the Court Manager and also available on this website. Each article was focused on a specific issue of interest for jury managers and judges, and appear in the corresponding topical sections of this site listed under "What We Do" at right. The column was originally written by G. Thomas Munsterman and began in 1995. Paula Hannaford-Agor, Director of the Center for Jury Studies has been writing the column for the past half a dozen years.

Jur-E Bulletin The Jur-E Bulletin is a free weekly e-newsletter that covers jury-related issues of interest for jury managers and judges. It was originally published in 2003 with Anne Skove as the editor. Greg Hurley began editing the publication in 2008 and is the present editor. The publication features current news stories, reports, cases and statutes related to jury management and juries generally. To subscribe to the Jur-E Bulletin other free newsletters from the National Center for State Courts, go to ncsc.org/newsletters.