Jury System Management

The NCSC Center for Jury Studies has more than 30 years' experience advising state and federal courts on effective jury system management, including summoning and qualification procedures, juror orientation, jury system automation and jury trial practices.

Project Increase Jury PoolIncreasing the Jury Pool: The Impact of an Employer Tax Credit (2002)


Excusal Requests

Managing Excusal Requests in Lengthy Trials (2015)

Jury Scams

Outreach to Prevent Jury Scams (2015)


How Copyright Law Impacts Movies as Entertainment in Jury Assembly Rooms (2014)

2-Step to 1-Step Conversion

Tripping over our Own Feet: In Jury Operations, Two Steps are One Too Many (2010)

Undeliverable Summonses

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Not Heat, Nor Gloom of Night Stays these Couriers from the Swift Completion of their Appointed Rounds (2010)

Non-Response/Failure to Appear

Tales of "Tales" Juries (2008)

Improving Citizens Response to Jury Summons (1999)

More on Dealing with Non-Responders (1997)

What to Do, Oh What to do with Persons Who Don't Answer the Summons? (1995)

Term of Service

A New Look at Term of Service (2007)


Conduct an Effective Jury Orientation — Because First Impressions Are Always Lasting (2013)

What Can We Say in Juror Orientations? (2004)

What Should a Modern Juror Assembly Room Look Like? (1995)

Juror Compensation

Using Debit Cards to Pay Jurors (2017)

The Laborer is Worthy of his Hire and Jurors are Worthy of their Juror Fees (2006)

Free Public Transportation for Jurors (1996)


Court Security Includes Jurors, Too (2009)

Court Security Discussions Should Include Juror Security (2005)

Community Outreach

Jury Service: Good for the Justice System, Good for the Community (2006)

Juror Community Awareness Programs (1995)


AaaaaCHOOO! What's your plan for dealing with the coming flu pandemic? (2007)