Jurors & New Media Curriculum

Preventing and Addressing Internet-Related Juror Misconduct

This curriculum is designed to teach trial judges about juror use of new media including how to discourage jurors from using these technologies inappropriately during trial and how to respond to allegations of Internet-related juror misconduct. The intended audience is trial judges who sit in courts with jury trial jurisdiction. Appellate court judges may also benefit from much of the material presented. The format envisions a large group setting with judges who are subject to the same state law with respect to juror misconduct, but it can be modified for a multi-jurisdictional or national audience.

The curriculum consists of three 30-minute modules entitled (1) juror and jury use of new media: what do we know?; (2) an ounce of prevention; and (3) when prevention fails. Modules 1 and 2 are designed primarily as faculty lecture format with frequent opportunities for interactive engagement with attendees. Model 3 is heavily interactive and can be done in either a small-group or large-group setting.

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