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Throughout the year, the Center for Jury Studies offers workshops, webinars and other learning opportunities for judges, court staff, and jury management staff. Check back for new events and updates.

Workshop: Fair and Effective Practices in Jury System Management

February 14 – 16, 2024
Austin, Texas

Join us for a workshop on Fair and Effective Practices in Jury System Management to learn best practices to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of jury operations, ensure the integrity of the jury selection process, and treat jurors with dignity and respect.

During this intensive 2.5-day workshop, NCSC Center for Jury Studies Director Paula Hannaford-Agor teaches court managers and jury mangers to:

- Identify strengths and weaknesses in jury operations;

- Estimate the operational and fiscal impact of jury system improvements performance;

- Implement policies and procedures to prevent or respond to legal challenges in the jury system; and

- Use tools, performance measures, and best practices to address problems.

This event is co-sponsored by the National Center for State Courts and the Travis County District Clerk.