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Principles for Juries and Jury TrialsPrinciples for Juries and Jury Trials

The American jury is a living institution that has played a crucial part in our democracy for more than two hundred years. The American Bar Association recognizes the legal community’s ongoing need to refine and improve jury practice so that the right to jury trial is preserved and juror participation enhanced. What follows is a set of 19 principles that define our fundamental aspirations for the management of the jury system. Each principle is designed to express the best of current-day jury practice in light of existing legal and practical constraints. It is anticipated that over the course of the next decade jury practice will improve so that the principles set forth will have to be updated in a manner that will draw them ever closer to the principles to which we aspire.

High-Profile Cases

The purpose of this website is to assist trial judges and court staff in planning for and managing high-profile cases. Despite the variety of circumstances that have pushed cases into the national spotlight, some techniques have proven useful and have become routine practice in high-profile cases.

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