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Jury Talk is the premiere educational podcast on all things Jury. Presented by the Center for Jury Studies at the National Center for State Courts, this podcast takes a look at the many angles of jury service. Join our host, Judge Gregory Mize, as he interviews experts from the field of jury studies.

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Tom Munsterman can justly be called the founder of modern jury studies. In a stroke of good luck for all jury trial managers, he evolved from being an electrical engineer to the “go to guy” for court administrators to solve trial management challenges.  This episode of Jury Talk includes entertaining stories of things Tom has done for troubled trial courts and instructive lessons for today’s students of juries.

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Richard Gabriel is a highly experienced trial consultant.  As a Jury Talk guest, he explains, among other things, how consultants act as translators to help both attorneys and judges understand that there is a fundamental difference between how judges and attorneys think that juries make decisions and how juries actually make decisions. They provide a bridge between the court lingo and procedural processes and a lay person’s expectations, so that juries can fully understand evidence and make sound decisions.

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Sometimes juries are required to view gruesome or shocking evidence. Jury trials can be tedious and long.  There can be concerns about safety and privacy. During jury selection a citizen may experience anxiety about the presence of media. In rare instances a jury may be kept away from the home during final deliberations.  After a verdict is rendered, there may be fear of retribution by the defendant or their friends. After a trial, a juror may feel stress symptoms or merely feel different or uncomfortable. Various courts are starting to address these concerns. In this Jury Talk episode, we chat with Massachusetts Jury Commissioner Pam Wood about what is being done in the Bay State to help burdened former jurors.

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